Awesome 100 + Funny Messages for Girlfriend/Boyfriend




Awesome 100 + Funny Messages for Girlfriend/Boyfriend


Awesome 100 + Funny Messages for Girlfriend/Boyfriend: Here are the best collections of funny messages to send to him and her, as you all know sometimes the ear needs to be warmed with something sweet and romantic.



The reason why we’ve come together to wright these lovely messages we observe that most girls and boys like to hare sweet words, especially when you are about to start a new relationship with each other.



A relationship doesn’t work out based on the things you buy for your partner or commitment, but the way you care for each other, the way you behave tose each other, no matter what at the end of the day you must give her or him the happiness she or he dissave, that only way you will make your relationship last even if you don’t have much money, don’t let your money to disserve you because relationship is not all about money, the very little thing you ignore makes relationship works perfect, like sending a romantic messages to him or her.



Awesome 100 + Funny Messages for Girlfriend/Boyfriend

1. I peep at the clock from time to time but then I realized it’s still a long away from seeing your pretty face again.

2. There can be no other way to make you smile than reminding you of how little your head is. Have a lovely day.

3. Hold on, I think you have something in your eye. Never mind, it’s just a reflection of a beautiful heart!

4. You must have a chronic disease called you because you infect me with your kindness and charm.

5. I know I wasn’t part of your past but allow me to be the happiness of your present the reason for your future.

6. ‘Mirror Mirror on the wall! Who is the fairest of them all?’ I asked the magic mirror. “It is She who has made you happy and still leaves you unsatisfied” it replied.

7. Sometimes I feel the weather is playing a trick on me because it suddenly gets cold anytime I see you smile.

8. You are under arrest for stealing my heart and you shall be imprisoned in mine forever.

9. Hello, today I want to ask you about heaven because a lady like you is definitely from there.

10. Hey, call the ambulance because I think I just broke my ankle falling for you.

11. I must be in a time loop because falling in love with you over and over again.

12. Your beauty is enough to brighten the night skies.

13. I think it’s time to report you to the Environmental agency because your hotness is one cause of global warming.

14. My eyes seem heavy not because I’m sleepy. I can’t seem to take them off you.

15. I think you need to see the doctor, You have a beauty all over your face!



Awesome Funny Text Messages to Send to Her

16. If our love was a spaceship, I’d call it ‘You and I’ and we’ll fly across a thousand galaxies of love and happiness.

17. My feelings for you remind me of an airport. Your presence makes my heart take off!

18. I feel like water in the aesthetic hills of your heart because I keep falling for you.

19. All my life I’ve been searching for the lost key. Not the one to the treasure chest of El-Dorado but to the door to your heart.

20. I think I should already call the police on you because it feels illegal looking like that!

21. Do you have a map? Because anytime I look into your eyes, I become lost!

22. It always feels like the nighttime when I’m with you because I see stars twinkling inside those amazing eyes of yours.

23. Quick! Call the ambulance! Someone just fell from heaven!

24. Do you have the number to then angels? I want to inform them that one of theirs is lost down here on earth.

25. If our relationship is a tragedy crime drama, I want to be the thief who steals you and runs away for good!

26. It does feel like Antarctica whenever I’m with you because I always get cold feet.

27. You just damaged the thermometer for been so freaking hot!

28. Hey there, if you are just seeing this, press 1 to acknowledge and press 2 if you are bored and want me to come and save you from it.

29. If you are trash, I would love to take you out every day and call it my new job!

30. I’m going to call the police right now because you keep lurking in my mind and it’s driving me crazy.

31. Hey Girl, you must be tired because you keep running in my mind all week!



Awesome Funny Text Messages to Make Her Laugh

32. Are you looking for a job? Because I need a driver to drive me crazy.

33. Can I borrow your heart forever? I promise to give it back.

34. Hey dear, I just thought of the perfect crime. I steal your heart and you steal mine.

35. I want to be an Engineer and you to be a Doctor so that we can build a healthy relationship together.

36. Hey, babe. I want you to feel the texture of my heart. It is made of fine boyfriend material.

37. If you happened to be the geometric shape, you’d be an acute triangle.

38. Would you kiss me if I’m wrong? The world is square in shape!

39. If I happened to receive a penny for every single moment you make me smile, I’d be the richest man that has ever lived.

40. Your beauty is so confusing I forgot to pick up my lines when coming.

41. Hey girl, my name is Handsome and you must be beautiful. Nice to meet you.

42. You make me blind from the brightness of your smile and deaf from the sound of my heartbeat any time I see that smile.

43. I didn’t realize that Angels could live on earth and possess the body of human!

44. Hey ma’am, are you lost? Because heaven is up there and you are down here.

45. My doctor just informed me that I’m suffering from a chronic ailment called Y.O.U



Awesome Funny Text Messages for Her

46. Hey girl, I hope you know CPR and I’ll need it because you constantly take my breath away.

47. I don’t know how you do it. There can be no explanation. There is no theory whatsoever. It is indeed a mystery. How do you always look so damn good?

48. Hey, do you happen to have any first aid box? I think I just injured my knee falling for you.

49. I have a brilliant idea. Why don’t we just name your heart New York? So I can visit it this holiday.

50. If I were to have a penny for every single woman I meet who is more gorgeous as you, I’d be the poorest man on earth.

51. I am happy because I have someone like you in my word; you are the most gorgeous woman on earth.

52. If I was told five years back that I will be this happy again, then I’ll tell the person that he is the biggest lie on this earth.

53. Thank you so much for everything, but you still own me one thing which is your heart.

54. If I can open my heart for you to see, then you will be the first person I’ll open it to show you how important you to me.

55. Hello baby, what are you gonna do tonight? If you are free I need a hand to move with tonight.

56. Hi sweetie, if you were ocean then I will be fish because you are too romantic.

57. I need you more than a car needed petrol to survive, ask me I’m a car?

58. If you were the queen of north, then I’ll be your humble savant that obey every command you ordered

59. Your beauty is just an example of the most magnificent Wight house in the USA.



Awesome Funny Text Messages Jokes for Him

1. People say nothing is in possible but, I do nothing every day.

2. I want to be the reason you look down at your phone and smile, and then walk into a pole.

3. I love you more than coffee but please don’t make me prove it.

4. You may fall from the sky, you may fall from a tree, but the best way to fall is to fall in love with me.

5. I think I lost my falling for you at first

6. Do you ever believe in love at first sight? Or should I pass you by again?

7. Hey baby girl, do you have a band-aid? I need one because I found myself falling for you.

8. I’m not an expert photographer, but I can picture us together living fine and fine and happy.

9. You’re so gorgeous to the extent I forgot all my pick-up lines.

10. You make me blind from your shining and loving beauty

11. If I have my way, then I’ll install an APP inside your heart, so that I will find you whenever am in need of you.

12. I pass by a tree and I caught the tree smiling when I flashback it was exactly the way you smile.

13. I feel devastated whenever you are not around because a smile is a fragrance.

14. If love is a crime, I’m willing to be arrested and detained in the dungeons of your heart forever.

15. Me, without you, Is like a word without a human being.



Awesome Funny Text Messages for Him

16. I graduated from the school of love, and I came out with a good result, now am looking for work, do you have work for me?

17. I am the best student in my school, do you know why?

18. Because I am deferent from others, I always took first in every subject, even in smiling.

19. You are a hot coffee guess what I am? My favourite drink.

20. Guess what is in my mind Wright now? Am very hungry and I don’t know what to earth you or food, food no, you? I think yes.

21. Hello baby, I sore you last night and I was shocked I never knew you’re that handsome.

22. People think I was little beet crazy because the only time I smile at my phone alone is when am busy looking at your pix.

23. wanna be my girlfriend? I don’t put the D because you’ll get that letter.

24. Am gonna make you laugh all the time until you forget that am ugly.

25. I’m going to learn your entire mom’s favourite precipice so that you’ll never need her again.

26. I was told to make you smile that you will fall for me, but anytime you smile am the one who is falling.

27. it’s always difficult to make a woman happy, then gave them a chance to make your day, just smile there done.

28. Thank you so much, for always being there for me.

29. You are the type of guy all the girl will want to have in their life.

30. And here I have all to myself, how sweet, but you are knotty.



Awesome Funny Text Messages Pranks for Him

31. Even at that am crazy about you, and I can’t get hold of myself when it comes to love you.

32. I must say loving you is something else, I can even define it.

33. Can I ask you something, please?

34. Do you really love me the way I love you?

35. Because you guys can be knotty sometimes.

36. Don’t think I am doubting you okay, I was just making sure that things are going normal.

37. I hope you understand, is just normal talk, and don’t be crazy about it.

38. Am like crazy about you right now, wherever you are, better comeback now.

39. Before I’ll oration your love, I believe you are aware that people are made to get it.

40. Smiles there you are, I know that is the only language you understand.

41. Sorry, I use that trick on you, is just that am missing you and am left with no options.

42. One thing is for sure, you cannot stop loving me and that is true.

43. Me, you, have no deferent at all.

44. The way you smile, the way you earth, the way you talk, hmm tell me are you, my twin?

45. Thanks, for making me a happy man, if not for you who knows what could have become of me.



Awesome Funny Text Messages 2020 for Him

46. And I’m so much in love with that cute smile of yours.

47. Do you know why, you never stop amazing me, and I’m adept to it?

48. My house is so big and large, for you and I, I don’t mind if you come live with me.

49. I adore you, I love you, I cherish you for one thing and that is your smile.

50. Babe, I promise you, I will never let you down, I will always be they for you.

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