80 + Best Hilarious Birthday Wishes for Him Messages



80 + Best Hilarious Birthday Wishes for Him Messages:


80 + Best Hilarious Birthday Wishes for Him Messages: Celebrating a birthday is fun because is a special day that comes around once a year, this is the more reason why we should make it a remarkable day, just for you, we grow older every year, and we pray and dream for better things in life.




Today is the best day among the other days in our lives, we celebrate this day because it doesn’t come every day, celebrating your birthday means something good is happening in your life.




We specially wrote this birthday messages for you to send to your friends, brother, sister, boyfriend or girlfriend, don’t miss out this opportunity, this might be your chance to restore your friendship your boyfriend or girlfriend,




80 + Best Hilarious Birthday Wishes for Him Messages

• Today is one of the most important days for me. A day was the one and only one who has made me happy since the very day I set my eyes on her/him, will be celebrated. Happy birthday, dearest.

• Thinking about the possibility of having you to myself for the rest of my life makes me even happier. Happy birthday to a special one. Happy birthday to you love.

• There is a certain feeling right now in my heart. It’s the same feeling I had the day I first saw you. It’s because it’s your birthday today and you are special to me!

• Happy birthday to the most kind-hearted, spirited, loving and caring human I’ve ever met. Without you, the world is a thousand shades darker. I wish for more days like this to come.

• I laid down on my bed last night thinking of how amazing my life has been ever since I met you. My feeling for you keeps growing and I can’t help but nurture and cherish it. Happy birthday, love.

• There is a day meant to celebrate fathers, children, mothers, workers, a memorable event, a former leader and even a country. Today is meant to celebrate and appreciate you alone. A special gem in my life that I can’t stop loving. Happy birthday.

• I just want to wish you a happy birthday and many more blissful days ahead. Do have yourself a lovely day. Love you.

• Like a beautiful flower in the Garden of Eden, you blossomed into an amazing person both physically and on the inside. You deserve all the blessing coming your way and much more. Happy birthday, keep smiling and stay blessed.

• It took me less than a second to fall in love with you. It took me less than a second to know how special you are to me. You uplift me with your kindness and affections. Today, I wish you the very best of everything as you celebrate your birthday today.

• I love you, I cherish you, I adore you. Your kisses take me places I’ve never been to and the warmth of your hugs wants me to stay here forever and ever. Happy birthday to the queen/king of my heart.



Best Belated Birthday Wishes for Him

• Life is lived better when it’s with you. Memories are sweeter when they are shared with you. Loving you has become my job and career and I promise to always be here for you. Happy birthday, love.

• I just wasn’t to wish you a very happy birthday and many more better and blessed days to come. Don’t stop smiling because it lightens up the world!

• A big happy birthday to someone extra special in my heart. As the year’s breeze past, I keep learning more amazing things about you. I wish to be here to see more babe. Happy birthday to you.

• Goodbyes are sad. Apologies are underrated. The sky is endless. Love is inevitable. Your eyes are beautiful and your heart is Gold. It’s nothing, they are just facts. Happy birthday.

• As you mark another year of your wonderful life, I just want to use this opportunity to remind you that I will always be by your side in any whether we find ourselves. Happy birthday, I wish to celebrate more birthdays with you.

• For all the diamonds, and jewels of this world, I won’t trade it for a moment with you. What you mean to me cannot be explained with just mere words and can only be discerned by feelings only. Happy birthday to the eighth wonder of my world. You!

• If I had my way, I’d climb to the very top of Mt Everest and announce to the world that someone will be marking yet another wonderful milestone in her/his life. Happy birthday special one.

• May all the joy and happiness you have shown to everyone come back to you on this special day meant for you. I wish you have a wonderful day filled with smiles and many more years filled with blessings and peace.

• I could go to the moon and back for you because I can’t afford to see you sad for even a second. My happiness is yours and your sadness is also mine. I wish to cut many more birthday cakes with you, dear. Happy birthday.

• Happy birthday to the sweetest person in the whole wide world. I pray you to enjoy your efforts and be continuously blessed with peace and kindness. Thank you for all the sweet times but today, we all celebrate you.



Best Happy Birthday Wishes for Him Quotes

• Forget the past, appreciate the present and look forward to the future. As you mark another year, I pray that you only witness joy, love, and harmony for many more years to come. Happy birthday to you!

• What another way to say happy birthday other than wishing you many more years of good health, and peaceful and prosperous life ahead. May today mark the beginning of great things to come.


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cute birthday wish for a male friend from a female

• In my dark days, your face is one thing I can remember. You were always there to give me the support I needed anytime I needed it. There is no word in the world that is good enough to describe how fulfilled I am having you as mine. Happy birthday.

• I just want to wish you the very best of everything life has to offer. Today isn’t just your birthday, but the day my soul mate arrived this earth. Happy birthday to a hero, a confidant, and a super lover!

• Today is the day God blessed the world. Your inspiration, bravery, kindness, and sweet attitude has been something amazing to see every year that passes. Today marks another day of a special person. Happy birthday!

• Your love is my strength. Your happiness is my inspiration. Your smile is my joy. Today I want to see you smile all through. It’s a wonderful day! It’s a day set aside to celebrate and appreciate you. Happy birthday.

• Congratulations to you on reaching yet another milestone. I can only wish for days even more joyous than this. I just want to let you know that I will always have your back. Happy birthday, love.

• Wishing you a day filled with smiles and a year filled with bliss and harmony. It feels great witnessing you mark another year in your life. Happy birthday to you, a special one.

• As the sun settles and disappears through the mountains on this special day, I wish all your sadness and sorrows disappear with it. I am looking for happy days to be spent only with no one else but you. Happy birthday to my star.

• You shine as bright as the sun in the day times and glitter like the million stars in the night time. Words can’t be used to quantify you. Happy birthday to you dear, keep smiling and stay happier than ever!



Best Animated Birthday Wishes for Him/Her

• If only I can send you a million flowers today, it would be the biggest bouquet the world has ever seen. Who else deserves it other than a star? Happy birthday and many happier returns as you celebrate today.

• From a best friend and a true admirer, happy birthday to an angel sent from the heavens above. You deserve each and every message, gift or praise coming your way and even more!

• You look younger, talk smarter, dress cuter, act kinder and smile much more despite you are a year older. You are much sweeter than it seems. Two words…Simply amazing.

• It’s your birthday again and it’s time to wine and dines till the sun rises. Laughter is healthy and I wish more of it for you as you venture into another year of your life.

• I wish I could give you the best gift in the whole world today as your birthday present from me to you. But that won’t be possible because you are already the best kind of gift anyone can ever have. Happy birthday and do have a wonderful day.

• Today is your day. So feel free to have all the fun you want. I am looking forward to witnessing you marking many more years. You are special and that’s why out of all the millions of birthdays celebrated around the world today, yours alone matters to me.

• Today marks the beginning of another year full of all the adventures and amazements the world can offer. I wish to right here to celebrate you once again. Happy birthday, dearest.

• You should be celebrated every day for all the cute and graceful memories you bring to the people around you. Happy birthday to the most amazing person I have ever met.

• You get cuter and adorable with every day that passes. I wish you all the best always. May this day be as great and memorable as possible so the smile from you face won’t go away.

• May the lord uplift and bless you with more good tidings as you celebrate your birthday. I wish you a fun-filled birthday and a memorable year to come. I want to wish you an awesome birthday.



Best Birthday Wishes for Him on Facebook

• Thank you for showing me all the undying care and affection that keeps me happy and peaceful at heart and in my soul. Knowing you has been a privilege and I wish you a wonderful and memorable birthday celebration.

• I wish your day will be as bright and colourful as the memories we share. Days like this remind me of your warmth, scent, confidence, and kindness. Today is a day meant to remind the world of a wonderful gift; You.

• Happy birthday to a sweet person trusted friend and a great teacher. Someone as special as you should be celebrated like this every day. Thank you for always been there for me through thick and thin.

• A time for celebration. A time to wine and dine. A time to have fun and clown all day. A time to take a break and appreciate what life has given us. I wish to be here same time next year to count more blessings with you. I
wish you the happiest of birthday celebrations dear.

• Happy birthday, love. I pray this becomes your breakthrough year. No matter what your dreams and aspirations are, I pray the Lord grants you all your wishes. Have a lovely day.

• As you blow out the candles on your cake and make a wish, may all the best things of life come your way. I always want to see you happy and smiling. And that’s enough for me. Do enjoy your birthday and I hope you have all the fun you deserve.

• Another year has passed, and it all feels like it has been a decade. Been with you makes time flies and if that can’t be called special, then I don’t know what else can. Anyways, I wish you a memorable day filled with nothing short of joy and laughter.

• As you take another step in your life, I wish I could wrap all the feelings I had buried and kept safe deep inside my heart for you in a box and send it all the way to your doorstep. How wonderful life is seeing you blossom every year.

• I want to wish you the happiest birthday of all times from the bottom of my heart. I am grateful for been called yours and you been called mine. Good luck in all your endeavours and Happy birthday.

• No matter how old you get or how many birthdays you celebrate, always know that you will always be my special one. I want to be the shoulder whenever you need one to cry on. Happy birthday, my love, I wish you all the best now and many years to come.


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