September 15, 2019

Top Latest 2019 Goodnight Memes for Her or Him

Top Latest 2019 Goodnight Memes for Her or Him



Top Latest 2019 Goodnight Memes for Her or Him:

Top Latest 2019 Goodnight Memes for Her or Him

Top Latest 2019 Goodnight Memes for Her or Him: If you are looking for a beautiful and awesome best funny memes, then here is the right place for you, we will always make sure we provide you the best of your choices, also follow us on our news list to get our latest collections. everyone disserve to be happy.


The night is the perfect time to have a peaceful sleep and is also the best time to make your partner smile. send these best funny memes to him or her. to make her feel all the love and affection this is the best way you can do that don’t wast more time be the first person to see these awesome collections also take action by sharing this with her also with your friends and your loved ones.




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Goodnight Messages for Him

1. Goodnight to the most amazing personality I have ever met. You are special and worth more than all the pieces of gold in the world. Let me take your hand so we can travel the world tonight.

2. When the sun comes up in the day time, you are already running through my mind. When it begins to settle and the moon comes out, I dream about you. It’s a feeling I can’t get enough of. Goodnight babe.

3. Before you go to bed, I just want to thank you for always been a sweetheart. You color my life with your smile, beauty, and confidence. Goodnight babe.


4. Goodnight to my one and only. I want to make you a great wish before the stars come out. I wish for all your dreams and desires to become a reality because your happiness is my happiness

5. I want to wish you a great night as you prepare for a big day tomorrow. I wish for all the blessings of the lord to come your way. Goodnight and sleep tight my dearest one.

6. I pray to God for you and me to experience a thousand more nights like this. Where I send you a sweet text just to imagine how pretty your smile is. I can’t wait to see you tomorrow. Goodnight.


7. I can keep doing this a million more nights and forever. To lay on my bed and think about you. Then pick up my phone and send you a text of how I miss you. That is only when you are not by my side. Goodnight babe.

8. My sweetheart, my everything. My happiness, my tranquility. My guidance, teacher. My joy, my best friend. My riches, my forever. I just wanted to remind you of how special you are to me. Goodnight.

9. There are times where we give up on our dreams and desire. Were life throws so many challenges to us all at the same time? These are days I can’t wish to spend any other but you. I wish to be with you in both the sad and happy times. Goodnight love.


10. Sending you a good night text makes me so excited I get a little nervous. Permit me if I mentioned anything ridiculous. But looking out my window, I just realized are the brightest star tonight.

11. Goodnight and God bless a soul so pure and innocent. You are the reason I am so happy and optimistic because, in your eyes, I see my future and everything I have always wanted. There is no other place I will rather be.

12. As you go to sleep tonight, I want to make you are happy and smiling. You deserve all the love I am willing to give you from the depths of my heart. Sleep tight, my angel.



13. You make me happy from the very first second I set my eyes on you. It’s a day that I will never forget. You have been the light in my darkness and the hope when there seemed to be none. Good morning.

14. For every single time, you make me happy represents a star in the night skies. But right now, I am beginning to run out of stars because you constantly put a smile on my face anytime I am with you. Goodnight to the love of my life.

15. Tonight, I want to love you to the end of the world and back. It is not going to be an easy task but I am always ready for anything just to prove my undying love for you. Goodnight and sleep tight.




16. You are the queen of my word, and I can live without you for a second, goodnight to whom I cherish so much. I love you beyond the sky.

17. Tonight, I am going to watch the skies and count the stars for every reason you make me smile, I hope you will not run out of the stars, goodnight babe.

18. Your smiles are my happiness, your eyes are my favorites viewer, your kiss my Madison, your present is important to me because you’re my everything, goodnight my love.



19. I couldn’t be with you now, so I want to send you a good night text to you because I want you to be happy always, goodnight to you the conqueror of my soul, and the best partner in the universe.

20. My happiness lies in your hand, you are free to do whatever you want to do with it, but as far as I am consigned I will cherish you for the rest of my life, goodnight my angel.


Goodnight Message for Him

1. Sweetheart! Lay your head gently on the pillow and feel the softness of it warmth with delightful sound sleep like a baby. Goodnight my dear.

2. Sleep well my love I know you’ve worked all day long and need to catch some rest and relax your nerves. Do have a good night sleep.

3. The evening is meant to rest not for working therefore, I urge you to relax your mind and sleep well my darling. Great night sleep is my wishes to you!


Goodnight Memes for Her

4. When the day is stressful for you, I want you to know that I will always be there to help you have a body massaging therapy to make feel you okay. Great joy darling!

5. The only treasure of my life is feeling very excited because is my duty to make sure that you’re doing great and relax. Do sleep tight and sweet dream.

6. These are an opportunity for you to delightful and awesome honey, enjoy yourself and remain blessed. Goodnight my sweetheart.



7. Do not worry about anything, I am here for you always, just go to bed and relax your mind will catch up with your honey. Have a splendid night my love.

8. If you really want to make it in this life ‘it actually comes like a dream so my love just relaxes and dream as you’ve already owned it. Goodnight dear.

9. Time for bed, whatever you’re doing leave it and let’s go to bed and do know I sure miss your kisses. Goodnight dear.


10. Tomorrow is another beautiful day with much expectation of much affection just for special gorgeous like you. Do have a great night rest.

11. Taking care of you is my number one priority because you’re the special person that God has graciously grace in my life for the good my love. Goodnight my king.

12. The night is dark but I fear not because, I have you by my side my love, and what can I ever do without you? Do have a good night sleep, dear.


13. It gladdens my heart whenever is time for bed because I can’t wait to hold and feel your warm embrace as it already you’re a time of coming back to me. Dream of joy!

14. Goodnight my love, feel free and relax because am right here with you. tonight I will represent the guardian angel.


15. I feel safe whenever I’m in your arm, please stay with me tonight and don’t let go of me. Goodnight and sleep tight.




16. It’s very difficult for me to stay without you for a second; I can wait till morning to see you again my love. Do have a wonderful night sleep.

17. If it’s possible to fast-forward the time, then this is the time I needed it most, I miss you so much my honey. Goodnight.

18. Nothing glades my heart most, when I court you gassing at me when am at sleep, you’re so sweet, dear.



19. You mean a lot to me, and when I see you all the sadness in me vanish into air and make me feel delighted about being with you. Do have splendid night rest honey, cheers!

20. You make me feel like a king whenever I hear you saying I love you with all my heart, goodnight my love.




Funny Goodnight Memes for Her




















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