50 + Best Happy Birthday Boss Memes with Quotes in 2019

50 + Best Happy Birthday Boss Memes with Quotes in 2019:
50 + Best Happy Birthday Boss Memes with Quotes in 2019: Making memes to celebrate boss on his birthday is awesome, this occasion comes around once in a year that is why we cherish it so much, the boss is like a mentor, he disserves all the respect we gave to him, and now it is birthday this is your chance to make him proud.
We have all you want if you are short of weds, we have some memes and quotes that you can send to your boss.

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• Working with you will always remain an inspiring experience to not just me, but to the rest of the employees because of having such an awsome man full of delightful leading wisdom and qualities are hard to come by. Enjoy your day with joy sir!

• It has indeed been a privilege and perfect opportunity to work in this organization because; with you as my boss I have learned many things about dedication in both the moral and social aspects of life. Happy birthday, boss!

• Wishing you a wonderful and memorable birthday to a real boss. The strongest and most inspiring motivator in the whole world. Happy birthday sir, and enjoy your day.

• Thank you for the immense impact and examples you have put in to guide me in my career. Happy birthday to you and cheers!

• Wishing the greatest boss in the world a very delightful birthday celebration as he marks his the day he was born into this world. I wish for many more blessings to come. achievement in your future endeavor sir. Cheers and happy birthday.

• Hurray! Boss, we all really wish to make this day an exceptional one for you because you are special. You have indeed impacted more into our lives been our leader. Happy birthday sir.

• Indeed it’s a wonderful new day to celebrate the great achiever I have ever met. You possess wonderful characters only one can emulate. Wishing you a fabulously happy birthday.

• You are without a shred of doubt, the most excellent and most wonderful boss I’ve ever worked with. In my heart, I feel calm and happy working for the very first time in my life. Happy birthday to sir for making that happen.

• Years passed by but not without remembering the great things you’ve done to impact my lives as your employee. No amount of words is enough to shower you with praises today. Happy birthday.

• Big and successful days only occur when an exemplary character like yours is been celebrated. We all wish you more blessings and heartwarming celebration. Cheers!

Happy Birthday Boss Meme Funny




• Without a shred of doubt, you are the most wonderful and the most special boss a good employee can ever find. I pray you shall live to reap and enjoy more years of good tidings and blessings. Cheers!

• Countless blessings and grace shall be showered on you on this great day to mark your birthday my favorite boss. I pray that the Lord should continue to uplift you as you advance in life. Happy birthday sir


• For all the days and years I’ve worked for you, you have not only been the light that shines all over daily activities here as a boss, but also a great friend and teacher as always. Happy birthday to the best boss in the world.

• Happy birthday, boss, I wish you more delightful and awesome days filled with blessings. May you continue to prosper in all your future endeavors. Enjoy your day full of bliss always sir!


• For all the days and years in the beginning to date, not only have you been the light that shines all over daily activities here as a boss, you have been a great friend, father to all always. Happy birthday, chairman sir.

o Happy birthday boss, I wish you more of delightful and awesome god light and blessings, may you continue to prosper in all your life and future set goals. Enjoy your day full of bliss always sir!



• There isn’t a moment that passed by without us all praying unto the Lord to guide you every step to take the organization to greater heights. We wish you a very magical happy birthday sir!











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