Happy Sunday Message and Prayer for Your Loved Ones

Happy Sunday Message and Prayer for Your Loved Ones


Happy Sunday message and prayer for your loved ones: 60 + Happy New Month Prayer for the Love of My Life, Thanks for Coming Messages for Family and Friends

Happy Sunday Message and Prayer for Your Loved Ones


Happy Sunday message and prayer for your loved ones: Here are some of collections that contain Sunday messages with prayer to send to your loved ones, make sure you part of those that send this awesome article to your loved ones because only lucky people come across good thing, if you are opportun make sure you don’t miss out.

Happy Sunday message and prayer for your loved ones: It is a good thing to send your loved ones a prayer messages to let them know how prayerful you for them. so be the first person to wish your family or friends with this beautiful messages.


Happy Sunday Message to My Love

1. They say life is sweet only when you are in a right path, may the lord count you among the people on the right way,
happy Sunday.

2. I pray to the lord to uplift you as you make it to this new week, happy Sunday to you all my friends.

3. I beseech the lord to channel you to the right path in this new coming week. Happy Sunday my bestie.

4. I wish you a fruitful one week in ease and lovely weekend ahead, also wish grace be filled with joy and happiness. Happy

5. I pray to god to make things easy for you and keep your ways straight to achieve your set goals. Happy Sunday to you.

6. May this new week favour you and your family and also above all may you find all the peace you surely deserve all
through your weekend. Happy Sunday.

7. You are so special to me and that’s why I’ve always aspired to pray for your safety always dear. May your weekend be as lovely as you get home. Happy Sunday sweetie.

8. This blissful day come once in a week, I want to us this opportunity thank you, happy Sunday dear.

9. Each week comes with lots of joy, may this week favour you and your family, May peace in it visit you, happy Sunday.

10. Happy Sunday to my one true friend, May this beautiful day bring you happiness and joy. Happy Sunday dear.

Happy Sunday Morning Message for Her

11. I beseech the lord to open the door of grace for you on this Sunday, kindly says Amen to claim it, happy Sunday.

12. I wish you a day with lots of joy and happiness, you are bless and you will remained bless forever. Happy Sunday

13. I pray to lord in this new week you shall not experience sadness or bad news; you shall be uplifted above your expectations. Happy Sunday love.

14. Walk into your blessing my dear friend, this new week shall be of favour and blessing to you. Take a brief day and
relax your nerves it’s a happy day.

15. The day is full of plenty gifts, I pray to the lord to count you among the people that will receive the share of his magnificent. Happy Sunday dear.

16. There is no room for sadness in this weekend and that is sure because the lord has sent his blessing down for us.Happy Sunday friend.

17. You are amazing friend and it’s my duty to pray on your behalf because, the lord has buttressed all your sorrow. Happy Sunday.

18. Unconditional happiness is waiting for you, just walk in to your clam goals and set for achievement darling. Happy Sunday to my good friend.

19. You are such a special friend for that reason you deserve a special prayer, just open your arms to receive your
blessing and you shall be uplifted this week in laughter, engulf in smiles. Happy Sunday my dear friend.

20. May this wonderful Sunday be the beginning of your success, happy Sunday to you dear friend.

Happy Sunday Message to My Lovely Sister

21. You are my best friend I love you the way I love myself, today am wishing you a wonderful day and happy Sunday dear.

22. My prayer for you today, may all your worries vanish from your way and May the lord replace it with grace in your
life. Happy Sunday.

23. Today I pray to lord to shower his blessing on your head, May you experience happiness today as you set out. Happy Sunday friend.

24. My prayer for you today is clear, may today’s Sunday favour you and your family, “Amen” and happy Sunday sweet sister!

25. From this moment success, glory, grace, joy and happiness will locate you wherever you set out on. Do have lovely and happy Sunday dear.

26. From now people will celebrate your success; whatever it is that block your way shall bow before you and royalty shall
be your restoration forever. Happy Sunday!

27. May the blessing of this beautiful Sunday be showered on you, because good people like you are destined to be great and you are one example. Happy Sunday dear!

28. Indeed your prayer will manifest you if you are truthful, and I am aware that you are a good person. I wish you lovely Sunday dear.

29. Life always offers you a second chance which is tomorrow, I pray to lord to make that blissful day a wonderful day for you, happy Sunday.

30. Loving and caring person like you deserve such blessing, may you go well and come back healthy. Happy Sunday sweetie.

Happy Sunday Message for Her

31. I beseech the lord today to send his angel to shower you with endless blessing. Happy Sunday and have a beautiful day ahead dear.

32. Thanksgiving are not all about how rich you are but no matter how little you gave it’s a heartily extend of blessing. May the lord continue to crown you wisdom and his grace. Happy Sunday.

33. Today I declare your success in the name of the lord and may your happiness walk unto you on this special day. Happy Sunday.

34. They say life is sweet only when you are in a right part, may the lord count you among the people on the right way, happy Sunday.

35. Today I pray to the lord almighty to bless you and guide you for the rest of your days on this earth, happy Sunday
dear friend.

36. Today I pray to the lord to make your day as bright as the bloom sky, thank you so much for being my friend. Happy Sunday.

37. Today is a happy of day, so I want you to start celebrating your victory. Wishes you a bountiful Sunday celebration dear friend.

38. I special wish you a wonderful Sunday, and a day of multiple blessing, happy Sunday and have a great day.

39. May the lord share the blessing of Sunday for you and I amen, we are blessed for witnessing this fateful day, happy Sunday.

40. I declare to you from, now you shall experience nothing less than happiness and joy in your life, happy Sunday.

Happy Sunday Message to My Sweetheart

41. To embark on a journey of life is not so easy, because today i pray to the lord to make it specious and fabulous day
for you. Happy Sunday!

42. May the lord give you the ultimate strength to overcome all of your difficulties and worries. Happy Sunday and have a great week ahead!

43. I want you to start celebrating your victory from this moment, because I saw you smiling and jubilation in my dream.
Happy Sunday to you.

44. Wish you the best and unlimited happiness as you set out today, may your day be filled with joy. Happy Sunday dear friend.

45. Today I pray to the lord on your behalf you shall see nothing less than grace and unlimited peace and tranquillity in your life. Happy Sunday to you dear.

46. In today’s prayer, I personally supplicated unto the lord to forgive all of you short comings and purify your soul and heart as well. Happy Sunday.

47. The lord is with you so keep calm and be happy, because you are about to be greatly blessed into his grace and nothing can change that from happening. Happy Sunday.

48. You are specious and astute icon in the kingdom of lord; I see no reason why you should be scared just be happy dear friend and you’re covered in his lights. Happy cool Sunday dear.

49. I want you to walk gently to your success greatly because, the lord has taking absolute control for your case. Do have a swift happy Sunday.

Happy Sunday Message to All My Friends

50. Our friendship is like a tree that grows every day with blessed fruits spread on it branches like berries. I wish you
all the happiness on this earth cherish sister. Happy Sunday dear friend.

51. I pray to the lord to upgrade you and extended your life for greatness with his stunning encomium in his purity. And
bless you for me richly happy Sunday to you.

52. Today I beseech the lord to scatter every evil plan against you and your family. You shall be celebrated and be your enemies shall bow before you. Happy Sunday.

53. I can’t make things possible for you, but I pray to the lord to make every of your affairs as easy as river flow for
you. Happy Sunday.

54. I pray to the lord today to grant all of your wishes, and give you enough energy to work header, happy Sunday dear friend.

55. They say when you work harder you will achieve your goal, but today I beseech the lord to make things easy for you to achieve your goal, happy Sunday dear.

56. You are amazing friend of mine, for that I will stand by your side whenever you need my hand. Happy Sunday.

57. Your success time is here and sorrows time is over in your life as from today hence your lord has shield you in his
light. Happy Sunday.

58. This is another wonderful day, which the lord will answer all your prayers and showers his mercies upon your soul for greatness. Happy Sunday dear friend.

59. I had a revolution that you will be successful this Sunday, happy Sunday dear.

60. I pray to the lord to make your morning cool and make your day bright till the end of the evening hour. Happy Sunday.

Happy Easter Sunday Message for Friend

61. I pray to god almighty to make your day full of suppresses as you set out today, happy Sunday.

62. From today onward you shall not sober any sadness or sorrow in your life this week. Happy Sunday to you.

63. May you prospered in your work, May the lord of all bless you with his unconditionally love and grace. Do have a
happy Sunday dear.

64. This Sunday will be the starting of your success, and this week will come with multiple joys just for you. Happy
Sunday friend.

65. I wish you an endless of happiness as you set out today, I love you and remain bless always and forever. Cheers!

66. My prayer is always with you in every ware you go, have a great day ahead, happy Sunday.

67. It’s a great privilege to see another beautiful day like this, enjoy yourself and wishes you a wonderful happy Sunday dear friend.

68. It will be very bad of me to forget to wish and congratulate you as usual because you the treasure and apple of my
eyes darling. Happy Sunday dear friend.

69. I beseech the lord to grant your heart desires in this new week. Happy Sunday to you dear.

70. Every week has its own blessing, I pray to god to count you among the people that will benefit from his magnificence blessing this week. Happy Sunday.

Happy Sunday Message Prayer for Friend

71. By the special grace of god you shall be successful in whatever you lay your hands on today. Happy Sunday.

72. As you start this week with smile so you shall end it with laughter, happy Sunday.

73. You deserve to be happy and celebrate in many colours because any devil that stands against you shall be exiled into the den in shame. Happy Sunday.

74. Today people shall celebrate with you because your heart will be filled with so much happiness as people mark your milestone. Happy Sunday.

75. Today I beseech the lord to cancel sadness from your life, and represent it with joy and happiness. Do have a lovely happy Sunday.

76. As this new week begging before it end people shall celebrate you. Happy Sunday dear.

77. As far there is life there is hope, May you find a stepping milestones of joy today and always. Happy Sunday.

78. Hoping for good things on this beautiful new week and you shall receive more and more of it by the grace of god
almighty. Happy Sunday to you dear.

79. The lord have finally done his miracle in your life, may it last forever and ever my friend and dearest sister. Happy lovely calm Sunday.

80. Deep down in my heart I have the confidence that, the lord will perfect and restore your joy and honour. Do have a happy new week.

Happy Sunday Message for Friends

81. Am so much impress with your new achievements and set goals, I pray the lord to help you and see you through all your challenges. Happy Sunday dearest friend.

82. Happy new week dear friend may this new week be the beginning of your joy and may your path be lightening with ‘’God BOUNTIES’’. Happy Sunday.

83. I love you as much as I loved myself, because you are my one true friend and best companion in a different form like ‘’ANGEL’’. Do have a happy Sunday.

84. Go out there and start jubilation because the lord has answered your prayer for been faithful to his word
consistently. I wishes you a happy Sunday.

85. Wish you all the beautiful things life could possibly give and forever you shall remain favoured in his mercies of
peace of mind and blessing. Happy Sunday to you dear.

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