Happy new Month Messages for My Awesome Daddy

Happy New Month Messages for My Awesome Daddy



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Happy New Month Messages for My Awesome Daddy

New month messages: The new month comes with lots of goodies, one of them is happiness, which will visit your family this month, A new month is also an opportunity to start everything new with full of energy. as we all know that father is the head of the house and they disserve all the respect from us. So why don’t you make up some good and awesome text messages to wish them? make sure wish your father with sweet text messages.  good luck for the new month.

New Month Messages

1. Hurray, daddy! May this new month bring forth the brightness of your success, more money in your bank account. Happy new month father and have a blissful day ahead.

2. Today! I pray that whatever it’s that is blocking and standing before your destiny shall be broken down right this minutes. You shall be witness all the best of joy in this new month.

3. I pray unto the Lord to bless and uplift you in this beautiful month and may you find multiple happiness in all your endeavor. Happy new month dad.

4. You’ve brought me up with a good mindset of etiquettes’ and characters, for this purpose, you shall receive an endless gift from me on this new month. Cheers!

5. This beautiful month is a month of success, and I pray to the lord that you should be among those that will succeed in this month. Hurray!

6. I pray to the Lord to grant you all happiness, joy, and opportunities from this wonderful new month and beyond. Happy new month dad!

7. This month is another chance for you to start over again. I pray that favor should locate you till the end of the world. Happy new month sir!

8. As you cross over to this new brazen new month, may the lord purify you and grants you all your heart desire. Happy new month beloved jewel ‘Daddy’!

9. As this new month set out today, I pray that you find the reasons to smile again from this moment henceforth and forever. Happy new month father!

10. As you start this beautiful month with a smile so shall your days start with precious morning joy and ends with laughter at dusk, Hurray and a happy new month!

11. Hurray, daddy! As your son is my duty to spike up your weeks on this beautiful day, May you encounter a specious gift of good health and happiness till the end. Happy new moth

12. You are the best father on earth daddy, may your joy continue to flow and splash today and forever. Hurray and a happy new month!

13. Dad, you are the sweetest dad in the whole world, may you find happiness all your life and beyond. Happy new month daddy!

14. May happiness not seizes to crown your face with joy and goodies into your life. Happy new month dear father.

15. I beseech the Lord to bless you on this new month and may the peace of Lord be with you now and forever. Happy new month dad.



Happy New Month Messages for Dad

16. May you experience endless happiness as you set out today dad; you are the best in the world. Happy belated new month daddy.

17. Hurray, daddy! As you make it into this belated new month of uplifting and break-through. May happiness rains over you to wherever you go. Happy new month sir!

18. The joy of lord shall befall on you this new month, just as the snowfalls in the winter with amazing and wonderful fulfilments. Happy new month father!

19. It’s another great new month; I beseech the Lord to scatter every demon that is against your success. Happy new month sweet dad.

20. Today! I wish you all the most beautiful things in the world and I pray may you find all the happiness in your life always. Have a blissful new month daddy!

21. May each minute and sec that tick on the clock is of favor and beautiful month be a blessing for you. Happy new month father!

22. It’s the beginning of the new month, and I wish you on this beautiful day continuous joy and smiling face dad, Happy new month to you sir.

23. The new month has just begun with an amazing moment of splash joy and I want to see you smiling and astonishing as the happiest man in the world. Hurray, dad!

24. Today I wish you peace, good health, rest of mind, and endless joy as you make it into this beautiful new month. Cheer!

25. I pray to the Lord today to make everything possible for you, as you begin this new month of success, Happy new month dear father.

26. Dad by the grace of God you shall not lack anything on this new month, from beginning to the end shall be of blessing to you, Happy new month to you my best friend!

27. I beseech the Lord to send his angel to deliver the boundless of happiness, joy, and grace, into your home as you set out today, happy new month sweet Daddy!

28. Congratulation Dad! I wish you all the goodies in this new month; I pray this new month to draw much grace and happiness to you. Happy new month dearest dad!

29. Hello dad! I want to auspiciously wish you a day without stress full of happiness and joy. Happy new month sweet daddy.

30. Beloved daddy! I pray on to the lord this beautiful morning to upgrade you to the next level of happiness and bless your worth forever. Happy new month dad.

New Month Inspirational Messages for My Dad



31. Dad may you start your day with happiness, smile, laughter, joy, and end it in endless pleasure. Happy new month!

32. Every new month comes with allots of goodies; I pray to the lord to personally select you among those that will be successful in this beautiful new month. Cheers!

33. Energy is vital to use to all body function. I pray to the Lord to give you the strength to keep you going now and forever, happy new month dad!

34. Dad today I wish you a fantastic month ahead of you, a month’s that are full of joy and happiness. Do have a great day daddy!

35. You will always shine above your ranked because you are a good and incomparable father of all. Happy new month sir!

36. By the grace of God, you will begin this belated new month with happiness and with endless pleasure. Happy new month Daddy!

37. There is nothing beyond the power of the lord indeed; I pray you shall be enrolled with bounties of goodies in this new month father. Happy new month successes Dad.

38. May the supremacy of the lord accomplish you to wherever you go today, as you step into this blissful month, Happy new month to your father.

39. Dad! I want to welcome you to the new month of success and fulfillment. I hope you find all the happiness that comes attached to it.

40. You will stand even when life has got down on your dad because I have never seen your kind out there with such an amazing father as I do, Happy new month to you sir.

41. What could the world have been like for me? if I had no father like you dad, well thank you for all the effort you have put to make me this responsible person in this word.

42. I cannot leave without your dad, because you mean so much to our family and myself. Happy new month dad.

43. The new month is set, I pray heavenly God as this new moon and stars shine, so shall your future shine and outburst for fortunes. Happy new month father.

44. I can never be completed without your dad because you are that Superman that keep me company in strength and think wise always, Happy new month to best Dad indeed!

45. If I incarnate one million times to this word, you will still be my father because I so much cherishes you and will always do. Happy new month dad.

New Month Greeting Messages to Dad



46. Today! You shall receive good news, not a bad feeling as you step out your feet in this brand new month. May your entire dream come true as you start this beautiful new month.

47. I so much cherish you as my mentor, not only that and for all you have done for me, I don’t know where to start thanking you from, but I pray the lord to pay you back with folds of happiness. Happy new
month dad.

48. I may not say it often, but I do appreciate all you’ve done for me, thank you so much the icon of astute of a brave lion. Happy new month. Cheers!

49. Dad, you are a great man, you’ve guided me all trough and now, I want to thank you for your guardian daddy. May you be crown in rays of good health in this beautiful new month and always.

50. A happy new month to the dearest man in life, dad you are my hero, I pray to the lord that all the happiness on this new month befalls on you.

51. Every new month that comes means another success and fortunes. I want you to open your arms to receive this blessing for this new month.

52. They said every disappointment is a blessing; I want you to forget the past and think about the fiction, I have the confidence that this new month will favor you and your entire family.

53. Dad, you’ve always helped me all through in life and am most humbled by your kindness towards me. May God reward you back with joy, happiness, long life and prosperity. Have a blessed new month sir!

54. You are one in a million fathers! That is why I’ve respected you so much for the outstanding parents, the guardian you’ve been to me, daddy. Thank you so much for being a wonderful father sir! And a happy new month.

55. Oh, sweet father! I wish I could be there in person witness this day with you, but note that I love you so much and I will always do, happy new month to you sir.

56. A happy new month to the one and only awesome father in the word, you are the best among the best. Hurray!

57. I wholeheartedly believe that this new month will bring nothing less than peace, joy, and happiness into your life because you’re exceptionally a wonderful farther like always. Happy new month

58. Dad, I will always remain loyal to you because no one is like you out there. Thanks allot for making me whom I’ve just grown to be today and I wish you a belated new month dear father.

59. In this new month, I wish you the very best and the courage to keep you going, happy new month and do have a great week ahead sir.

60. May this beautiful month draw you closer to new greatness of happiness. May your entire dream come through in your entire endeavor, Happy new month to the best dad in the wide world.

61. In this beautiful new month, you shall only hear good news; your eyes shall only see good things and all the good things shall find you, happy new month and have a splendid month ahead.

62. As you make it up to this new month of success, I pray to the lord to sham your enemies, they shall bow before you whether they like it or not, happy new month dear.

Happy New Month Messages and Quotes



63. In this new month, I pray to the lord to make your light shine more than last month; you shall leave to give a testimony of this month because the Lord will send his angel to accompany you, happy new
month to you dearest.

64. I beseech the Lord to favor you and your family today, as you set out today blessing shall go before you and after you are peace, the happy new month my soul mate.

65. You will not encounter any difficulties as you make it into this beautiful month, may you find the peace, courage, strength to keep you going, Happy new month my dear ‘DADDY’’

66. A new month is here again with stunning color in the sky, may your days be bright as the stars in the sky daddy. Hurray and cheers!

67. I pray to the Lord to grant you the strength to face your difficulties, may your days be as awesome in his magnificence. Happy new month beloved Dad!

68. May you find the best happiness in the world forever, and may God favor you with peace and happiness like always sir. Happy new month sir!

69. In this beautiful new month, I pray that you succeed in whatever you lay your hands on, may all your days be filled with endless happiness and joy. Happy new month sir!

70. May this new draw you forth near to God favor, and may his endless greatness never exit in all your affairs now and forever and inclusive all your families. A happy new month to my dearest

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